After the Trip

Remember TWB....this is the first day of the rest of your life.  Live it like you did on TWB.  Live in the moment, capture all life has to give you, take all life has to offer.  Remember to "Lean on me", your TWB family, whenever you struggle.  Never forget this journey and all those you traveled it with.  Your counselors love you with all they have, and will always be there for you....yesterday, tomorrow, and especially "Today".

Jake Studebaker: “I fell many times, metaphorically & physically.”

Hannah McAferty: “TWB helped me find a new, 82 member, family.”

Kaytlin Teal: “It’s a trip you will never forget.”

Emily Davis: “No amount of pictures or stories actually do this experience justice.”

Ethan Manning: “Save me a seat on the bus next year… and the year after…”

Sam Russell: “Not only does TWB give you the chance to meet 82 amazing friends, but it gives you
the chance to meet your true self.”

Natalie Warner: “The experiences I had on this trip were life changing in so many ways.”

Meghan Maxey: “TWB is a chance to see the natural beauty across America.”

Taylor Thomas: “Not only do you get to add 82 members to your family, but you get to explore our
beautiful country and find your true self.”

Drew Hughlett: “This trip has given me a new perspective of the country, its people, and myself.”

Sarah Kate Rankin: “This trip has allowed me to better find myself and gain 81 new family members
that I love to death.”

Caroline Swaim: “Can I go on TWB again?!?”

Cailin Baldwin: “I have friends back home, but an amazing family on TWB.”

Katie Shepard: “TWB has given me a family of amazing people and memories that will last a

Natalie Royal: “It’s remarkable how close one person can get to 81 other people in just 23 days!”

Avery Lowrance: “Every moment on TWB is a special moment.”

Sofy Saiz: “TWB has completely changed my life. 23 days with 81 other people makes you realize
what is truly important in your life.”

Jordan Thompson: “TWB has really opened my eyes to what this awesome country has to offer.”

Trey Dry: “TWB has changed my life forever. You will never understand the effect TWB has on your
life until you experience it.”

Olivia Andrews: “TWB has truly changed me as a person and has pushed me to go out of my comfort
zone in the best way possible.”

Eleni Hull: “TWB was an amazing experience that taught me that the country is beautiful and I also
gained 81 family members.”

Lauren Whitaker: “TWB will always have a special place in my heart and I’ll cherish the people and
memories forever.”

Emilio Blair: “TWB was, without a doubt, a life changing experience.”

Abby Christian: “TWB has taught me to be grateful for everything I’ve been given and grateful for
the many friends I’ve made in 23 days!”

Allie Binkley: “TWB has truly been a life changing experience, and I couldn’t be more grateful for
the friends and memories I’ve created.”

Sophie Andrews: “TWB made me become more of the person who I want to be, and to grow as a
person. It is life changing!”

McKenzie Auten: “TWB has helped me to discover confidence in myself and has let me show the
real me to my new life long friends.”

Sara Beth Parker: “TWB and all the people involved hold a special place in my heart.”

Logan Schultz: “TWB has most definitely been an experience I’ll never forget and has helped me to
appreciate the little things in life.”

Matt McConnell: “Before the trip, I wasn’t fully invested in the whole ‘discover oneself’’ aspect of
the trip, but after 23 days of I have learned immeasurably more about not only myself but about all of
my best friends.”

Rhiannon Smith: “If you have the chance to go on this trip do not pass it up because it is one of the
best life changing things that has ever happened to me.”

Hundley Rhyne: “TWB is simply the trip of a lifetime, I’ve made friends for life and gained even
more love for God and America. It changed my life for the better.”

Sydney Craig: “Honestly no words… amazing”

Maddie Lawson: “It was amazing and I met so many people I would never have met otherwise.”

Alex Cormier: “I didn’t believe the past participants when they said I’d make 82 family members. I
understand now.”

Bryson Bingham: “The friends that I made exceeded friendship and became family.”

Carly Brown: “Teens Westward Bound is the best get away a kid could ask for because your brain
gets a break from society and your mind and personality get renewed and grow enormously.”

Hunter Wood: “TWB has been an amazing experience, providing an opportunity to see our amazing
country, and to form lifelong relationships, and to gain an appreciation for what we have.”

Kayla Capps: “TWB has taught me that opening up to 82 strangers is a good thing.”

Annalee Decker: “An end of a journey is good to work towards but it is the journey that matters in
the end.”

Morgan Bostic: “Difficult to step away from home but worth it.”

Mack Slaughter: “TWB is truly the experience of a lifetime- words cannot describe the impact it has
had on my life.”

Carson Little: “This trip has not only shown me the beauty of the world God has created, but also the
beauty within His people.”

Clara Little: “TWB was/is the experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad that I got to experience it.”

Avery Clark: “TWB is a trip of a lifetime that I enjoyed so much and I’m sorry for people who don’t
get to experience it. All the counselors are so inspiring and I hope to be a little bit like all of them one

Bradley Olson: “Best experience of my life… would give anything to come back.”

Olivia Comer: “TWB has given me 82 more brothers and sisters to love and a billion more places to
see beauty in.”

Kate Overman: “TWB has helped me find who I really am and has made me see my life in a great
new way.”

Landyn Gray: “TWB was the trip of a lifetime, I’m just sad the peak of my life is in high school.”

Shelby Auvil: “TWB is and always will be a hallmark experience in my life.”

Madee Draper: “Being gone for 23 days may seem long, but it goes by too quickly.”

Bailey Patterson: “TWB rocked my world! I have gained so much knowledge about who I am and
about what our country has to offer. Truly the trip of a lifetime.”

Liz Cox: “TWB has not only given me a greater appreciation for my beautiful country, but a better
understanding of who I am.”

Grayson Jackson: “Not only did I travel the country with my two best friends, but 80 new ones.”

Claire Fry: “I’m so glad I was able to experience this amazing country- with amazing people.”

Brynn Robinson: “TWB is indescribable, if you have the opportunity to do something this is amazing
take it.”

Kaely Miller: “TWB is an indescribable lifetime experience that really shows God’s power, beautiful
creations, and love for us.”

Avery Biber: “Life changing.”

Claire Quiggle: “I never thought 80 something people could have such a big impact on me in 23

Scotlyn McDowell: “We’ve truly become a family in such little time, and I wouldn’t want to see our
beautiful country with anyone else.”

Kate Reed Inabinet: “Never pass up this great of an opportunity and take full advantage of it.”

Luke Edwards: “TWB was the greatest experience I have had in my 16 years on this earth.”

Katey Taylor: “TWB is a life changing, indescribable experience that everyone should experience.”

Anna Ramsey: “ The lifelong friends, breathtaking views, and unforgettable memories make TWB
the best 23 days of my life.”

Ashley Lowry: “My TWB experience felt like a dream, it didn’t hit me until Day 5 that I was actually
on TWB and not dreaming.”

Riley Kiffer: “My TWB experience was amazing. I am so glad that I have gotten to see what my dad,
uncles, cousins, grandfathers and so many more men and women have fought to protect.”

Emily Maxey: “My TWB experience has been one of beauty, appreciation, support, family, love, and
numerous other things that people back home will not even be able to fathom.”

Josie Crooks: “TWB was the best thing that could have happened to me. It was incredible.”

Callie Smith: “TWB allowed me to escape from my comfort zone and make lifelong friends.”

Grant Swicegood: “I loved how we got to see America and how it changes from trees to desert, to
mountains, to beaches with cliffs.”

Landon Wright: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Allison Roney: “This trip taught me a lot about myself and how kind others can be while showing me
the beauty of America.”

Georgia Privott: “TWB helped me realize that I can be happy with what I was, what I am, and what I
will be.”

McKenna Caudill: “TWB made me realize how awesome our God, people, and our country really

Kayleen Smith: “TWB gave me so many great opportunities to discover myself and America that I
couldn’t be more thankful for.”

Sloan Edemann: “TWB has taught me that everyone is amazing in their own way and that America is
so beautiful.”

Tristan Benson: “This is the greatest thing I’ve done and it has truly altered my perspective on life.”

Brooks Godbold: “It really showed me how great this country is and how good my momma’s cookin’

Jess Dulin: "Nothing can top the feeling of traveling the country with complete strangers that
somehow become your closest friends along the way."

Ryan Phillips: "Honestly the best 23 days of my life."

Alex Garrigus: "TWB has pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to learn about myself,
thank you so much"

Nolan Beaty: "I could not imagine spending 23 days with my newfound family"