Day 15


Sleeper of the day was our very own counselor.....Josh Kerns who decided to catch up on sleep from the drivers seat of the vans all the way to the Wal-Mart garden section.  Payback sucks Josh!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Coooooooooooooooooks. . .If ya’ll could serve breakfast that would be great” – Josh Kerns (x 1,000,000)

Our day began with lights flashing and Matt’s BLOWHORRRRRRRNNNNN (that’s actually what it sounded like)!!! Everyone woke up very quickly, packed up their belongings and we made our way to SALT LAKE CITY, UuuuuTAH!

Our breakfast was QUITE nutritious!!! We had donuts (both sugar-powdered AAND chocolate)!!! And (to balance out the healthiness…) APPLE SLICES!!!!! Now, it was time to prepare ourselves for the tour of the Mormon church!!!!!
As we split into groups, we took a guide into the history of THE MORMONS! We learned a variety of things about the religion itself, as well as saw multiple statues (FOR EXAMPLE- Jesus Christ)!!! In this tour, we were able to take a glance into the Mormon Tabernacle (it was HUUUGE!! But also beautiful!) and the Assembly Hall—where services are held. You could LITERALLY hear a pin drop! ;) 

Ethan Manning and Kayleen Smith ready to go with their Hawaiian shirts

Here we go to see the mormons

Maddi Draper and Maddie Lawson ready to take the tour

Do we look like tourists?

McKenna Caudill and Shelby Auvil

Trey Dry calling out anyone who challenges his skills

Kayla Capps, Jordan Thompson, and Sofy Saiz

Scotlyn McDowell, Ana Ramsey, Katey Taylor, Jess Dulin, and Emily Maxey

Sarah Beth Parker wants to go on the tour, but her body is too tired to respond

Carson Little, Abby Christian, Callie Smith, Taylor Thomson, and Clara Little


Daaaaaaaaaaw....... Sloan Edemann and Kayleen Smith

All smiles from Analee Decker, Lauren Whitaker, and Katie Shepherd

Well hello gorgeous! Carly Brown is having the time of her life

Brison Bingham on the other hand......expresses joy very differently

Can you feel the love Hunter Wood and McKenna Caudill?

SHHHHHHHHHHH it's super loud in here

You can literally hear a pin drop at one point on the stage

The tabernacles in Salt Lake City

Listening to some of the mormon tour guides talk about their experiences and beliefs

After the unique and fascinating tour given by the Mormons, we began exploring the LARGEST MALL IN UTAH!!! This was great because it included a Chick-fil-A which was a sweet (tea) surprise for EVERYONE! Also, we were able to shop and buy gifts for all of YOU (and some for us of course ;) )! Many strangers may have thought there was a robbery  -- as TONS of teenagers start sprinting to the Apple Store across the mall!! This gave us a time to Facetime and text family members – which is very important after mail day!!!

Sarah Kate Rankin, Allison Roney, Sydney Craig, Hundley Rhyne and Olivia Comer ready to go shopping!


Sloan Edemann is beside herself about some Chick-fil-a

Cailin Baldwin and Logan Schultz eatin mor chiken

Waiting to head to Bear Lake

We love our counselor Sarah


We found Grant again!!!!!!!!!!

Full from chick-fil-a and happy to be on TWB

Then, it was time to pack up and leave for COLD BEAR LAKE (in BOTH Utah AND Wyoming—cool right???)!!! Turns out, the water actually was pretty warm. Ironic is it not??? TURNS OUT, the only thing cold was the wind chill after we got out!! (and all of the ice cream Kayla Capps ate)

Our GORGEOUS sunset for the evening at bear lake

Our day proceeded to come to an end (just kidding, the fun has only begun! ;) ) when the cooks made dinner!!! They decided on chicken burgers, mashed potatoes, and green beans (Mm…Mm…Mm… Fits my life)!!!! It was absolutely delicious!!! After dinner, we all decided to take a swim in the lake and. . .also – SHOWER!!! Everyone brought their shampoo and towels~ but! Before the swimming commenced, it was time for a competition! 

The WATER BALLOON CHALLENGE!!!!! Partners in every group worked to win it for their group before moving on to the finals!!! The finals were very suspenseful as everyone got in position, but there was definitely a clear winner!
LET THE 42nd annual water balloon games begin!!!!!

Concentrate Anna Ramsey

Our Bashful finalists are Carson Little and Kate Overman

The finalists getting ready to compete

We are underway!!

Good form Brookes Godbold, way to absorb the catch

Getting further and further

Waiting on the throw

Oh no Grant Swicegood...Took his eye off the prize

The winners for the sneezy group.....Ethan Manning and Hunter Wood
Finally, we ended our night with a sing-along  and made some new vampire-like friends!!!! The sing-along was almost as fantastic as the day, and we’re ready to take on Jackson Hole & The Grand Tetons!!!