Day 20

Hey y’all, we are the Grumpies!!! The HAPPIEST group on TWB!!! (Allie Binkley, Sarah Kate Rankin, Sydney Craig, Taylor Thomas, Kaytlin Teal, Brynn Robinson, Kaely Miller, Sara Beth Parker, Olivia Comer, Bradley Olson, Landon Wright, Drew Hughlett, Grant Swicegood)

Shout out to Nolan Beaty for turning 18 today!!!! The perfect age to vote and buy lottery tickets.

Todays Sleeper of the day………. Tristan Benson who loves animal crackers so much, he eats them in his sleep.

Quote of the day
“Hey guys…the refried beans just broke a spoon!” –Georgia Privott

We woke up at 6:00 this morning at Colorado College…where we used our headlamps to get ready due to a lack of power.  We packed up quickly and headed to the “amazing” state of Kansas – home to the most BEAUTIFUL cornfields and oil rigs that we have ever seen!!  

We had a quick stop at Walmart so the cooks could buy our traveling meals for the day.  Luckily there was a McDonalds that LIT UP everyone’s face. 30 minutes later, after everyone was full, we decided to load back up and eat breakfast!  The cooks served gourmet cereal and milk with apple juice to drink.

After drinking all that milk and juice, we had to take a quick pit stop at the Kansas Welcome Center.  Here, we STUFFED our pockets with brochures and packets of sunflower seeds…hopefully these will grow well in NC 

After going through another time change, everyone was excited that it was now lunchtime.  The cooks served cibatta bread sandwiches with chips and rice krispie treats.  Once we lost interest in the cornfields, the counselors let us watch a movie.  We took a vote and the guys unanimously voted for The Proposal!!!  On the vans, there was a lot of sleeping and jamming out (with a bunch of CLEAN remixes) since there was not a movie.  

After ANOTHER rest stop (people can clearly not hold it in), we pulled over on the side of the road to take a quick picture with the MOST interesting thing in Kansas….an OIL DRILL.  After the counselors took the picture, they all screamed “DUECES” and ran for the vehicles.  A swarm of 82 teenagers ran through the knee-high grass to catch them!!  Of course Dallas, the most coordinated of the group, tripped over herself and barely made it in time to leave.

Because the cornfields were SOOOOO interesting, the bus decided to watch another movie.  After a war between the counselors and the participants between Finding Nemo and Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, we won  and watched Ferris and Cameron ditch school for the day.  On the van, Ty screamed “BISON” like we were still in Yellowstone.  All of the kids on the van quickly turned their heads because they finally saw something besides corn.

So we wouldn’t starve for dinner, we stopped at another Walmart.  Everyone stocked up on bug spray because of the rumors of tonight’s bug invasion at our campsite.  Olivia Andrews decided that she didn’t want the raisins in her trail mix, so she spilled half the bag in the middle of Walmart!!  As we were leaving, we were surprised to meet Mr. G’s brother…who was driving a motorcycle!!!

After a short drive down the road, we pulled up at our campsite on Tuttle Creek.  We knew we were getting close to home when the heat and humidity hit.  We were lucky to find a nice shaded spot to camp for the night. 

Ryan Phillips was excited to see his dad, who swung by our campsite for a visit throughout our dinner, competition, and sing-along.

The cooks made a fantastic meal of nachos.  We slathered beef, cheese, lettuce and refried beans all over our tortilla chips and washed it down with water or lemonade and a cookie to boot.  After dinner was cleaned up, it was time for our next competition.

Hunter is here to help the thirsty

Thats a lot of beef

Refried beans are good for your heart....the more you eat them the more you _________

Landyn Gray making sure the meat is cooked  

Hunter Wood and Georgia Privott trying not to get hit by the hot grease

This competition was called "hug it out".  Each team had to choose a representatitive to stand about 20 feet away.  Each person was given a balloon to blow up.  When Josh yelled go, we had to run to the representative was and use their body and our own body to pop the balloon.  This was not as easy as it sounds.  Without being able to use our hands, many of us found the balloon surprisingly difficult to pop.  Some found the best strategy was to run full sprint towards our teammate and run into them at near full speed...even this failed a time or, causing a few people to question their strategy.

Bradley Olson are you dabbing or did someone knee you trying to pop their balloon?

Well...Taylor Thompson doesn't care if your hurt, she is in it to win it

Come on Luke Edwards, you hug Jake Studebaker until your heart pops!

Hunter Wood and Landyn Gray doing more spreading of their balloon then popping

Once the Sneezy's were victorious, we gathered for our daily research and excitedly awaited a sing along.

Bradley Olson shared that Colorado University had over 30,000 students enrolled last year.

Jordan Thompson told us that her Grandpa had been a graduate of the Air Force Academy!

Katie Shepherd told us that the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs was actually 1 of 3 training centers in the US

Maddee Draper told us all about the state of Colorado and how it has the worlds most elevated train with special tracks to climb the mountain

McKenzie Auten gave us a throw back tribute to the Beverly Hillbilly's to tell us all about the oil rigs of Kansas and how much money is made every year

Hundley Rhyne showed us her inner Shakespeare and read us a poem telling us all about the state of Kansas, including how it is illegal to say your ABC's at night.

After our research was over we had one of the best and most heartfelt sing alongs of the trip.  Each song seems to tell the story of where we've been, where we are, and where we are heading next.