Day 14

DAY 14, On our way to UTAAAH!!! 

After sleeping through the cold rainy night in Yosemite Park—WE SURVIVED!!!!! There were no bears and we all slept through the night! We woke up at 6:45 (Later than usual ;) ) and began our 10 hour ANNNDDD 50 min journey from California to Utah! WOOHOOO!!!!!! It actually wasn’t as long as you’d think.

For breakfast today, we had choices between strawberry, blueberry, and peach yogurt!!! It was absolutely ravishing! In addition we ALSO had chocolate chip granola bars! Grape juice was the perfect drink to wash down this delicious breakfast! 

Mr. G’s helpful hand quickly dispersed any bus troubles we had and we were able to catch up on some much needed Z’s.

Callie Smith and Clara Little catching up on a few Z's

Apparently Abby Christian is pretty comfortable

Sara Beth Parker was done with seats, and decided the aisle looked more comfortable

Ain't it sweet?  Grayson Jackson rocking friends to sleep

This has got to be sleepers of the day...good job Morgan Bostic and Avery Clark

This long ride called for MANY amazing games and sing-alongs. We could hear Adele being sung on the bus—no matter WHAT vehicle we were riding!!! Whether it was in our dreams or not, many of us got stuck with hearing “SET FIIIIREEEEEE TO THE RAINNNNN!!!” Which was very ironic, because it started pouring rain!!! (hehe) Also, the competitiveness was out of the roof!!!! Playing card games like Uno, Apples&Apples, and BS gave us all a good laugh while we rolled through Nevada! Some of us chose to write letters home, update our journal, or even get into a good book.  Another popular game was "Heads Up", where we used counselor Sarah's phone to give us topics to describe and act out, much like scherades.

Liz Cox doing a little summer reading

Book club with Sam Russel and Analee Decker

Hanging in the back of the bus

Heads Up!

Can you guess what Sarah's phone says

Come on Riely Kiefer, you can get this one!

For lunch—our cooks (the Dopeys) surprised us ONCE AGAIN with gourmet sandwiches!! These sandwiches had cheese and salami (OoOoOoO Yum)!!!! Not to mention, they also got cheese balls! Unfortunately, these only lasted about 2 hours. BUUUTTTTT that’s okay, because our next stop was SAFEWAY!!!! 
Here, many of our family members decided to take a nap on the curbs of the street, and buy tubs of ice cream for everyone!!!!   All were impressed when Kayla Capps yet again ate her very own tub of ice cream in 15 minutes.  That girl loves her some ice cream.

Our last rest stop was a very curious stop.  As we entered Utah we began to see white grounds for miles and miles.  Many of us believed that there was a thin layer of snow on the ground but our fearless leader Grant quickly informed us that it was in fact salt.  

Snow or salt

Now we aren't saying Grant has lied to us before, but he has been known to pull a prank or two, so many of us were hesitant to believe him.  When we finally pulled in to a rest area we ran out to the fields to see if Grant was being serious......come to find out......It Really was SALT!

Alex Garrigus will find out!

Riahnnon Smith is discovering how salty Utah really is

Maddie Lawson licking the ground

Avery Biber, that's not how you do a push up

Carly Brown seems a little lonely, she is kissing the ground

Trey Dry is wishing he had some mashed potatoes to put with all this salt

Ryan Phillips giving the salt flats a taste

Jake Studebaker.....that is a HUGE lick

Callie Smith and Clara Little licking away

Tristan Benson finding out that Grant did tell the truth

All together now Kayla Capps, Emilio Blair, and Nolan Beatty

Ryan found out that here there is a whole new meaning to salt water

Matt McConnel chilling in the salt pool


Dinner was an interesting change from our USUAL tortilla wraps!!! Everyone felt very healthy as we smashed the bags of salad (PLASTIC INCLUDED. . . .just kidding!). We also had Hawaiian rolls—which seem to be the new HIT! Everyone loves them almost as much as we love Josh (kidding again—we love Josh more than anything)!
We finished up with striped fudge cookies and chips (a nice salty AND sweet treat ;) )!!!!! 
As we are we marveled over one of the most magnificent sunsets we’ve seen on TWB—a mix of ALLLLLL colors of the rainbow! 

Another thing we have been anticipating is . . . .. (Drum roll . . .) 

MAIL DAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Today is the day we can open and read our letters & packages from our family and friends! We’ve been looking forward to this day since day 1! We are SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! ;) 

It was finally time to open our mail after arriving at The Convention Center in Toole, Utah!!!!!
Everyone gathered together in a circle aroun the massive pile of packages and letters.  The counselors began yelling names and gave, more like threw our mail to us! It was like Christmas for the TWB family
There were TONS of tears shed and hugs around the room. (PLUS, now we’re stocked up on food!!!) 


To finish our day, we all gathered our Christmas gifts (hehe) and went to devour all of the food (So we could fit it in our bags  )!!! We all fell asleep in a rush of happiness (& SUGAR, of course)!!!!!

That is a lot of mail

Mount Evermail

So close now!


Emilio Blair and Luke Edwards are stoked!

Ty Brown, like the grinch who stole Christmas, after some participant's candy

Homemade cookies!!!!

McKenzie Auten brought to tears by her letters and quickly Tristan Benson is there to give her a hug

What is that Sarah Kate Rankin?  

Logan Schultz is wondering where will she be able to pop this popcorn?

Jake Studebaker sporting the new UCLA gear while opening mail

Tristan Benson looks a little concerned that Brison Bingham was sent a box of water balloons 

Kate Reed Inabinet drinking her.....bacon soda?

Sophie Andrews, like many others, got pictures of her dogs

Georgia Privott and Allie Binkley twinning for the win

Kayla Capps does not look thrilled about her Obama card

Ana Ramsey was willing to give a sip of her cherry lemon sundrop to Scotlyn McDowell, what a good friend

Even the counselors got in on some fun stuff in the mail

Literally the perfect shirt for Ty