Day 17

HOWDY FROM THE HAPPYS! (Sam Russell, Katey Taylor, Anna Ramsey, Trey Dry, Sofy Saiz, Emilio Blair, Callie Smith, Abby Christian, Natalie Warner, Jordan Thompson, Mack Slaughter, Avery Clark,  Maddy Lawson, and Olivia Andrews) 

This morning we awoke at 6:45 to wet sleeping bags from last night’s rain. We were then shuttled to the Wyoming River Trips offices by luxurious school buses. The whole town of Cody saw us rolling, and they was hatin’. 

Once we arrived we were decorated in safety orange life vests (some were brighter than others). We rafted down the Shoshone River, being guided by some eye candy ;). Half way down the river, some of us decided that the 40 degree water was perfect for a morning dip. But even those who didn’t find a cold bath appealing got soaking wet, thanks to certain groups who decided to splash the other rafts. 

Sarah Kate Rankin and Riely Kiefer ready to white water raft

Logan Schultz and Cailin Baldwin hoping they don't get too wet on the river

Maddie Lawson, Carly Brown, Matt McConnel, Maddi Draper, Jordan Thompson, Rhiannon Smith, Kaely Miller, and Sara Beth Parker are sure glad they are getting life vests

Josie Crooks and Sydney Craig are wondering why they haven't been given helmets yet

Brooks Godbold is still trying to wake up

Most of these ladies are hoping they get the good looking raft guide

Ryan Phillips is a little worried that his life vest is a wee bit too big

Dallas and Sarah are the best! 

Landon Wright and Nolan Beatty partnering up for this ride with Kayla Capps and Sofy Saiz

Sara Kate Rankin, Hundley Rhyne and Bailey Patterson strapped in and ready to go

Grant Swicegood, Drew Hughlett, Sydney Craig, Josie Crooks, Allison Roney, Riely Kiefer, Ashley Lowry, and Claire Fry are hoping they get the same raft
A big thank you to Wyoming River Trips for our awesome day of rafting

We are glad only some of us fell out and no one was lost

When we got back to the campground, our eyes lit up at the sight of scrambled eggs, sausage, grits, and Josh’s hot new handlebar mustache. 

Our gourmet chefs for the morning, Mr G, Grant and Matt

Matt is the egg master

Fu man Chu..........

After our five-star breakfast, we had the opportunity to wash our stinky clothes (and training bras) and finally take a peaceful shower that exceeded one and a half minutes. Our new cooks whipped us up a picnic lunch, which included PB&J’S, chips and salsa, goldfish and all the other left over snacks. We then geared up in our redneck, Fourth of July gear to head down to the rodeo. 

Scotlyn McDowell, Nolan Beatty and Jake Studebaker helping Josh out with his laundry.....Nolan is helping Josh fold his underwear

Kayla Capps doing her nails while waiting on her laundry to finish


While searching for our dream cowboy/cowgirl, we marveled at the sight of the beautiful animals and the WONDERFUL smell they produced. We saw many different rodeo events and had to quickly figure out what the goal of each event was.  We saw some bareback bronc riding, calf roping, calf wrestling, saddle bronc riding, horse showmanship and jumps, and the most popular, BULL RIDING!  It was a night full of thrills as we watch man and beast battle it out time and time again.  Many of us were cheering for the cowboys but there were a few among us that found themselves pulling for the animals to escape or buck the boys crazy enough to ride them.

Ethan Manning channeling his inner cowboy for the rodeo

After the bull riding, and Josh losing his camera lens, we made our way back to the campsite. The cooks started preparing our gourmet meal that consisted of hotdogs, chips, watermelon and beans… we all know what that means.  We then shared a festive Walmart special, Fourth of July sugar cookies. After desert we finish our day just like any other American, watching the Wyoming firework show. Tonight we will bed down beside some EXTEREMLY well-mannered northerners 

We bet our Fourth of July festivities were celebrated better than yours! Until tomorrow, where we will continue our patriotic celebration at Mount Rushmore…

Love the Happys 

Allie Binkley and Kaytlin Teal had a blast at the rodeo