Day 19

Today's Sleeper of the day is........These people who don't care about dying as long as they are allowed to sleep.

This morning we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 am. We packed our bags and started our trek to Colorado Springs! As we drove through South Dakota and Wyoming, our cooks prepared us two delectable meals. For breakfast we enjoyed yummy muffins and apple juice and our favorite meal was lunch.  We devoured Hawaiian roast beef and cheese rolls, apple slices, and chips. Shortly after our tummies were filled, we started experiencing difficulties with the bus. Mr. G quickly started working effortlessly to fix the issue, but we still had to stop on the side of the road for about 3 hours. Even though it was hot outside, we made the best of a difficult situation. This included making s’mores on tin foil, hanging out in air- conditioned vans, exploring drain pipes, messing around with the bus microphone, and playing with a hacky sack. Time flew by and next thing we knew, we were back on the road!!!!

Kaely Miller and Rhiannon Smith enjoying their sandwich for lunch

Back of the bus!

Jess Dulin and Emily Maxey


Grant Swicegood and Drew Hughlett reading up on the celebrity tabloids

By the  time we got back on the road, the Air force Academy and the Olympic Training Center were closed for the day. We rolled into Colorado College around 5:45, and we played a couple of Dallas’ silly games (Gorilla Man Gun and Snapshot). Then we had a surprise dinner of PIZZA from Dominos and soda!! After dinner, we had the opportunity to break off into our groups and practice for our big dance competition one last time.  The time leading up to the competition, groups got prepared and got dolled up for the performance.

Happy Group

Grumpy Group

Sleepy Group

Dopey Group

Sneezy Group

Bashful Group

The Happys were the first to dance and after all of the groups had gone, the counselors shared with us their own dance! The winner of the competition, the Dopey’s, got to take showers first. Then Grumpys came in second. Bashfuls and yours truly the Happys were tied for third place, then the Sneezys, and last but certainly not least the Sleepys. As everyone got done with showering we stayed up and socialized with our friends, played basketball and marveled at Josh’s new mustache. About 11:30 the counselors told us to go on to bed to get some rest for our exhilarating day ahead of us driving through the cornfields of Kansas.